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Having been in existence for almost 10 years, Red Executive has experienced many ups and downs during that period. There have been some massive wins and, as with all recruitment businesses, times when tough decisions have had to be made.

Over the last 15 months, we have been a smaller, more agile operation, concentrating on building positive relationships with both old and new customers, helping them understand the true perspective of their Talent Acquisition challenge. This has remained with an international focus, operating daily in Germany, France, the UK and Malta, as well as working specific assignments in New York, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and the Nordics.

Ultimately, we are Head Hunters, so with the right mix of brains, effort and market understanding, we can literally identify and engage with Talent in any location, but of course, a ‘live’ network always helps.

This 15-month period has helped us understand a few things:

  • The people we have in the team is vital to our continued success. Whether you have experience or not, you have to be willing to take the steps to become a ‘Figure of Authority’. You have to be able to think on your feet and assure both clients and candidates that you understand the scenario and you have the expertise to help them achieve their goals. All the current Red Executive team do this naturally.
  • The Technology Talent requirement will only continue to grow. “Technology of course, is a major factor in any company’s success – even more so currently. Therefore, the identification and, in turn, the engagement of this talent will always play a major part in Adtech, Martech or Fintech companies achieving their goals. However, this issue and how you approach the Tech Talent across the planet is becoming even more pertinent in commercial success. If you don’t approach this properly, you simply fail.
  • Many companies simply don’t have a Talent Acquisition Strategy. Unbelievably, when 90% of CEOs of growing companies state that people and the Acquisition of Talent for the business is the key factor in their continued success, they still underinvest. Working with growing businesses daily, it is clear everyone knows how you approach Talent Acquisition will play a major part in future wins, but they simply don’t know how to build a solid structure where they can outperform their competition in this area.
  • The market is still growing, but only for Recruitment Businesses, who truly bring value. Now, there are many types of value and how you define yourself as a recruitment solution is key to your success. Yet, you must deliver against that expectation. If you cannot, you must explain why and if you continue to bring no value, you will be out and someone who can will be drafted in. It’s a tough and competitive market.
  • Quality is the key defining factor. At Red Executive, quality has always been part of the service, albeit, as we grew, I believe this was less of a concern. However, in today’s market, in order to sustain yourself as a viable solution, it is key that quality is the focus of absolutely every person in the team. Without it, you simply become another recruiter and that’s not what we want at Red Executive.

Therefore, moving forward in to Q3, Q4 of 2018 and the whole of 2019, we want to grow our team, but only with the right sort of individuals. They will be pivotal to our continued success and we want to draw on the experiences we have had previously. Harnessing our passion and drive for technology, we will identify and engage with talent on behalf of our customers. We will also help them build positive functioning structures that will help them build a positive ‘Employer Brand’ and hire the talent they need to be successful. Challenging our clients and candidate’s outlook will be a daily requirement. After all, we are consultants.

We will help our clients achieve their goals and be considered a ‘required’ partner, not a ‘last resort’ to a problem. Quality will be the key defining factor and the entire business will be passionate about this.  Therefore, ensuring the client and customer experience throughout, although may be littered with difficult questions and assertions, is a positive one and they come back again and again, trusting we will deliver value.

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This article was written by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive

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