How to ensure you attract the best talent in 2018.

5 reasons you can’t hire the calibre of candidate you want to outperform your competition.

As a head-hunter, I regularly get asked by business owners to specifically identify talent from a relatively small talent pool. This in itself makes perfect sense. The individuals in this talent pool have less of a learning curve around your business and can bring value quicker.

However, have you considered the wider picture and how your approach to the recruitment process may adversely affect your attempts to attract the talent from this specific pool?

Here’s 5 reasons you can’t attract the Talent you want to come to your business:

  1. You don’t know what talent you want or need.

Amazingly, many companies don’t know what they want or need. Their brief is broad and encompasses many uncomplimentary elements of the role. For example, they want ‘hunter’ and a ‘gatherer’ for a sales role, or an expert Backend Dev, with fantastic UI/UX exposure. The fact of the matter is, generally, the tighter the brief, the better. Yes, you may have to give up on some secondary elements to get the individual who will bring ‘long term’ value, yet they are not a ‘one size’ fits all candidate.  Be specific about what you need.

  1. You don’t know where to look for the Talent you need.

Particularly in new, cutting edge, ‘tech’ driven environments, it’s tough to understand where the candidates, who can bring value, will come from. What industry or sector can be likened to this new development in the market? For example, when Programmatic Advertising Solutions first started hitting EMEA in around 2009/2010, the impression was that Sales focused individuals coming from Affiliate marketing were more likely to succeed than individuals coming from Ad Networks or Sales Houses for example. However, as it turns out, despite more of a ‘tech’ link to the Affiliate side, over the next 2/3 years, it was clear, the better, more successful candidates were coming from the Ad Network side. They were used to building more complex deals with the Agencies and Publishers and thus, despite having no tech exposure, could generate more revenues on the sales side.

  1. You don’t have a consistent, well thought out, recruitment process.

Genuinely, even companies who have been on a market for many years and can be considered large, corporate entities, still, sometimes, do not have a consistent recruitment process. The fact of the matter is that this affects your ability to close the candidates you want to hire. Indeed, a process being made up as you go along can be identified easily and is smacks of unprofessionalism. Create a process that gets all the major stakeholders involved and stick to it. If there’s doubt add a small element at the end, but don’t build it up as you go. It will simply limit your ability to hire the individuals you want.

  1. The Stakeholders in the process are looking for different profiles for the same role.

Undoubtedly the number one reason for not hiring the best talent available to your business. Every business wants their major stakeholders to be involved in the recruitment process and in itself, that’s fair enough. However, consistently, 3 out of 5 individuals believe the role and thus, the talent required is different from the other 2. Indeed, there can be two or three views on what is required. This stems from how the successful candidate will impact their ability to reach their own goals and the problems they need solving from this individual. Therefore, before the process starts, sit down and understand between the stakeholders what is truly required and be sure not to fall into the trap outlined in point 1.

  1. Your Leadership doesn’t lead the recruitment process.

Whether it’s a CEO in a small business or a Department Head in a larger business, it’s vital that the leadership take a key role in the recruitment for their team. The finest candidates want to know the ‘story’ behind a company and a role and frankly, the leadership are the only ones that can deliver such a message in a positive manner. Therefore, get involved in your processes early on and highlight to the finest talent why they should be working for you. Remember, we are in a ‘candidate driven’ market and you want the best people to help you ‘outperform’ the competition. Without you, they will be more difficult to close.

These 5 elements are key to your success both in the short term and the long term building of your ‘Employer Brand’. If delivered properly and positively and you avoid these pitfalls, you can create an ‘Employer Brand’ that aids your ability to attract and secure the finest talent.

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