Should you fire your Recruiter now?

5 Reasons you should fire your Recruiter.

I 100% believe that a major factor in your business outperforming your competition, and you becoming a success, is the people you hire to bring your operation alive. As it happens, if you ask any CEO, they will undoubtedly mention ‘recruitment’ as one of their key factors for future achievements.

Undoubtedly, how you hire for your business is vital and directly corresponds with where your business will be in the future. Check out our 11 Blog Posts about how to set up the perfect Talent Acquisition Strategy:

As a consequence, regardless of how you recruit, with external partners or internally, or even both, the individual tasked with this job is pivotal to your future success. They will play a massive part in getting the right people and building an ‘Employer Brand’ that will aid you, way beyond those initial steps of the business.

So, what should we expect from our recruiter? Check out 5 reasons you should fire your recruiter.

  1. They don’t challenge you.

You have lots of priorities as a business leader or line manager. No questions. However, how you recruit and how you interact in this process will play a massive part in future success. You really have to be the positive face of the company to external potential candidates. You won’t hire them all, yet they all have to walk out that door with a positive impression. That means you remain positive, you give them time and you don’t change the process at the last minute due to something else that has come up. If your recruiter doesn’t make you aware of the risks you may be willing to take and point out the issues that could arise as a consequence, they aren’t the right person for you.

  1. They focus on numbers, not quality.

Data plays a big part in all aspects of business. Of this there is no question and recruitment is no different. However, your recruiter should utilize data to their advantage but have a ‘human’ element that far supersedes the mere numbers to hand. If you are seeing 20 CVs for every role you are hiring and the quality is in there somewhere, opposed to 4 or 5 candidates who can immediately bring value to the role, why is your recruiter there? The stress needs to be on the individuals who can bring value to your business. I recently read an article from an internal recruiter outlining how a particular business had rejected over 350 candidates, post interview, in the previous 6 months. They were trying to highlight this was like Google, back in the day, and how their business was a ‘wonderful’ place to work, filled with Rockstar candidates. For me, the recruiter should quickly understand what works and what doesn’t and all this time shouldn’t be wasted.

  1. They don’t take steps to fully understand your business.

If you have genuinely taken the time to explain your business, in all its intricacies, and your recruiter doesn’t take that and build on it to help them create a ‘story’ around your business, which will ultimately become part of your ‘Employer Brand’, you have an issue. They are the ‘frontline’ of your business and not only should they positively present your business, they should be able to deal with objections and get ‘passive’ candidates in front of you. Without this drive for knowledge and understanding, your recruiter will not help you find the best people.

  1. They avoid difficult conversations.

Part of being a recruiter, like it or not, is having difficult conversations on a daily basis. We alluded to it in point 1. However, candidates, successful or not, all need to be treated equally and rejection is a part of the process that needs to be handled with care. After all, further down the line, they may be a suitable candidate for your business. It is vital therefore, that the delivery of bad news is done directly and not via email or an ATS system. Candidates genuinely prefer constructive feedback delivered verbally, opposed to via email. It’s the personal touch. Without this, your ‘Employer Brand’ is being affected negatively.

  1. They don’t understand the ‘people’ market.

Every good recruiter should be able to educate you on the market currently and how it is changing. This can include access to talent, what you have to pay and the best way to go about engaging that talent. Indeed, just recently in one particular city, it has become clear that ‘Executive’ profiles have become more abundant and all processes are perhaps less ‘candidate driven’ than previously. As a consequence, I contacted all my clients who were perhaps planning to recruit such a profile in 2018 and informed them of this shift. It resulted in some hires being made and in excess of 20% being saved on fixed salaries. Moreover, they should know about companies making redundancies, the best companies to take people from and competitors who are hiring similar profiles and how to position yourself against them in order to be successful and make the hires you want ahead of them. Without this knowledge, you will not get the people you want to hire.


Your recruiter, internal or external, can help your business fly but it’s vital you have an engaged professional to attract the talent required for your business to be successful.

Does your recruiter genuinely employ these tactics on your behalf?

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