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5 Things a ‘Red Exec’ Recruiter want to see on your ‘Technical’ CV.

At Red Exec, we appreciate there is currently a ‘War for Talent’ and as a potential ‘candidate’ you are in massive demand. Indeed, the market requirement for your skills far outweighs the number of people available.

However, despite the ‘supply driven’ nature of ‘technical’ recruitment, it’s vital you position yourself professionally and tell us recruiters exactly what you have achieved in your career to date.

See five things below, we believe will help you secure that top role you really want:

5 things to put on your CV:

1.Current Role/Project

Your most recent experience, particularly if it has lasted longer than 12 months, is the most relevant.

Questions to consider when you are updating your CV: What are you doing now in your current role/project? What technologies are you utilizing and what problems are you solving? What is the structure of the project and what part do you play in the ‘team’ achieving its goals? Moreover, what has been achieved and how relevant is this to the market you are targeting for new role? What past roles and projects are also relevant?

2. Who do you work for now?

Recruiters look at things like, environment and cultural fit, so the industry and type of company you currently work for will help recruiters determine if you are a right fit for the role.

We have seen candidates from certain businesses be better hires for certain clients. This is very much down to the company culture and what ‘type’ of individual is successful in this environment, whether it’s a start-up or corporate environment. Of course, the approach to particular technical issues also aids your ability to be successful in particular environments. Indeed, we have identified some direct correlations and this certainly impacts how we view a CV

3. Up-to-date Skills

Technology is advancing and changing rapidly, as a consequence, companies are adapting and looking for Candidates with experience using the newest tech. So Technical Candidate’s need to keep learning to stay relevant.

On your CV, demonstrate your effort to master the newest tech. Show certifications and/or create accounts on Stack Overflow and GitHub(which we strongly recommend). These accounts showcase examples of your coding work and provide an understanding of your current level and expertise. Account information should be at the top of your CV, next to your contact information.

4. Technical Skills Summary

Most technical environments are different and Tech Candidates get exposure to various technologies throughout their career, (especially nowadays when the average employment length of a Tech Candidate is 18 – 36 months).

So towards the top of your CV, we recommend a summary of your technical skills used most frequently and the skills that are your strongest. This highlights your skills and easily allows Recruiters to determine what roles would suit you best.

5. Personal Interests & Projects

Share any projects or coding you do outside work and in your spare time. It demonstrates passion, your commitment to learn new skills and grow professionally. Plus, it allows you to showcase your work and demonstrate your skills.

If you have any of the following accounts, share the information on your CV:

  • GitHub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Online Portfolio
  • Code examples
  • Blog
  • Websites

In order to attract Recruiters and stand out, it’s vital to create a well-thought out CV, which is easy to read and contains all the relevant and pertinent information to showcase your skills, accomplishments, success and background.

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