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Reverse Brainstorm your Talent Acquisition!

Your single biggest issue in achieving success and scaling your business is attracting the finest talent to your organization. Ensure you nail this element of your business and allow your people to outperform your competition.

Brainstorming has been a tool of business people for decades now and some very successful leaders stand by this method to find solutions to commercially driven issues.

There is no question however, that it doesn’t solve every problem. Indeed, the solution, many argue, has become diluted as it has become more popular. Team members find the situation pressurized and ultimately don’t feel loose enough to positively contribute.

As a consequence, some have entered into ‘reverse brainstorming’. The concept is ‘instead’ of asking how to solve an issue, you ask ‘how can I cause the problem’?

Once you know how to cause the issue, you then ‘reverse’ the problem into a solution. It’s much more fun and in certain circumstances, it works much better than simple brainstorming.

Given this logic we thought we would apply it to Talent Acquisition and we asked 100 Start-up Founders, who had just received their A or B series funding, what their biggest challenge would be over the next 12 months.

84 of them stated that the acquisition of talent would certainly be the number one area of concern.  Talent Survey Results.

However, despite this clear indication that talent plays a massive part in outperforming your competition and achieving your goals, as a professional in talent with 16 years’ experience, it is clear to me that many start-ups approach to talent is inherently flawed.

Would reverse brainstorming provide a solution?

No doubt, some manuals have been read and the current major topics of conversation in the subject are considered. Yet the overall strategy is continuously ignored or implemented poorly and you limit the ability of the business to attract the finest talent on the market.

Earlier this year I wrote an 11-part blog around Talent Acquisition and some of the problems that exist:

No question, some of it is ‘common sense’.

Nevertheless, we all know one man’s ‘common sense’ is utter nonsense for another.

We want to help you build or fix your Talent Acquisition function and engage in reverse brainstorming. Indeed, relatively quickly, we can get to know your function and quickly make improvements that will help you attract the finest talent for your business.

To start, kindly take our Talent Acquisition Questionnaire:

From there, we will be in touch to discuss the next steps.    Visit our site for more information on Red Executive.

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