What I have learned in my first 9 months as a Recruiter.

I have recently hit my 9-month mark as a Recruiter – it’s been a rollercoaster journey so far with plenty of ups and downs which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

I thought when I started that it would be an easy sales job, being from a sales background I thought I would take to it like a duck to water:

  1. Get the role
  2. Find the perfect candidate who is actively searching for that exact role
  3. Place that candidate
  4. Profit

Sadly, this is not the case……

Some factors that I’ve realized are major players in this game during my short time in recruitment so far:

  • The Human Factor – The biggest factor overall. So many emotions and scenarios come in to play when an offer is on the table. Not only do you need to a be a Recruiter, Salesman, Friend but also, it seems, a fully qualified Psychologist.
  • Timing – You need to be quick, as soon as that role comes in you have to understand it and know exactly where to find the best candidates. If you waste any time they may already have applied for the role or else your client could tell you they’ve already filled the position.
  •  Counter Offers – Don’t even get me started on them….

On a more positive note, what I’ve enjoyed most during my time so far:

  • The PeopleSpeaking to so many different people from different countries and backgrounds, whether they’re clients or candidates – is without a doubt the most enjoyable aspect. Whether it be a CEO or Intern, people are all the same and should never be treated differently. I’ve enjoyed so many laughs with people over the last few months and struck up some great friendships, it’s really been a blast.
  •  Knowledge Finding out about a whole new world I wasn’t aware of before has been mind blowing – you don’t realise how much effort and work goes into something you found so trivial before, like that ad on the side of a sports website. I’m learning every day and where is the best place to learn more? From the candidates, I’ve been honest with them saying I’m still learning and everyone has taken their time to explain their world to me – something I’m very grateful for.
  •  Impact on others – It’s crazy how one phone call you make to a candidate can change their lives in a positive way. Whether it be getting them into a dream role, finding them that salary they want to live that little bit more comfortably or relocating them half way around the world. It’s something I really enjoy and will never get bored doing.

Overall it’s been a great first 9 months and I’m hoping for many more successful months in the future (I just hope I don’t have to do another blog in 9 months….)

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