5 reasons why Malta could be the next location on your career path.

Encase you hadn’t heard, Malta is thriving and fast becoming the foremost digital hub in the Med. With a recent economic history, built on Online Gaming and Finance, their relatively liberal corporate tax regime is attracting businesses from other areas, including Digital Advertising, Platform Development and Fintech.

But what are the 5 reasons you should consider Malta as your next location on your career path?

1.  The majority of businesses are ‘tech savvy’.

If you are involved in ‘tech’, whether you be an Engineer or a Sales professional, the businesses coming to Malta are generally at the cutting edge of their specific industries. As a consequence, over the last decade, the competition for specific skills has grown and the market has become ‘candidate driven’, giving you choice and the ability to really shape out a career path on the island. Decide what you want to do and go get it.

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  1. They have a modern day infrastructure that is still improving.

When I arrived in 2009, the island had some major issues around things involving Telcos and Utility companies. There was a power outage almost weekly; internet was slow and expensive and things you took for granted at home were difficult to identify at a fair market price. However, today, this is a thing of the past. You can get Fibre Internet relatively cheaply and it’s a consistent service, without the lags we previously experienced. Moreover, the regular power outages are a thing of the past and you can conduct your day to day business relatively easily without disruption.

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3.  It’s a Multi-Cultural Environment.

There are circa 400,000 people in Malta. 60,000 of these are Expats. This however, swells to 500,000 in summer and 160,000 of the population is Non-Maltese. That a whopping 32%. Therefore, as you can appreciate the street is strewn with nationalities from all areas of the globe. Given the heat, it’s a real ‘melting pot’ of outlooks and subsequent opportunities. If you strive in cultural diversity, Malta will surely give you direct exposure to varied approaches and outlooks that can only be comparable to the likes of, London, Paris and Berlin.

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  1. International Business.

The majority of businesses willing to hire YOU will almost certainly have an ‘international’ outlook and therefore, your professional exposure will expand and again, you will be able to consider things from a different perspective. After all, what works in one region, may require a different approach in another.

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  1. The climate is second to none.

We all agree that work/life balance is vital to a successful career. It has been proven across various studies. But imagine being able to step out of your office at 5pm and being immediately able to take a dip in the beautiful blue Med. With 300 days of sunshine, this is possible from April to October during some summers.


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