Talent Acquisition Part 10: why you need to create a strong strategy to hire the top talent

If you want to hire the top talent, clarity and strategy must be at the forefront of the recruitment process.

Clarity of why the role is needed, the expectations for it and how the role helps your business reach its goals must be understood by all stakeholders involved. The importance of clarity was discussed in Talent Acquisition Part 9. Now, it’s time to discuss the strategy for the hiring talent your business needs, since these two elements go hand in hand.

Why strategy is important when hiring

Your business needs new hires with specific skills, so it can expand and achieve its goals. To do this successfully, a strategy needs to be created to engage with the finest talent and ensure the right person is hired. Yet, despite the importance of creating a strategy when hiring, it is a factor that is often ignored.

Consider this:

Your Sales, Operations, Product, IT and Marketing teams all have a strategy.

You even employed someone to create the strategy for each area of the business, in alignment with the other areas. They work together to execute that strategy to the best of their ability. To ensure the goals of these areas are met, you presumably have your recruitment efforts work with each team to achieve their goals.

However, does the Talent Acquisition/HR team attend your leadership meetings? Probably not.

Does the Head of Talent/HR have the gravitas to bring value to these meetings? Doubtful.

Perhaps, you employed a junior profile to execute your hiring strategy. Not the best approach. Junior profiles are not able to rely on years of experience needed to build the strategy that will help your business acquire all the Talent it needs to achieve its mission.

If this is your approach, then your business is almost certainly missing out on hiring the talent it will require and moreover, it lacks two vital considerations:

  1. The people you hire and where they sit in your business are ultimately your future business. Who you hire now, will be the face of your business in the future. Therefore, it is vital, if you want to create something positive, your hiring process is delivered against a strategy.
  2. The individuals are not only the face of the business; they are the people who help you outperform your competitors. They bring your product alive and take it to market. Without a proper strategy, how can you ensure you deliver the talent required to be successful?
    • What do you need?
    • Where do they come from?
    • How much will it cost?

Therefore, the success of your business is inherently tied to the people you hire. In turn, the strategy you create to deliver this talent is probably even more important than any other strategy created within the business.

You may have the best sales strategy in the industry, but if you don’t have someone to create and manage the execution of that strategy, that’s all it is, a strategy. It will not help your business achieve its goals.

Give equal importance to your ‘Talent Acquisition’ strategy. It’s the gateway to a successful business.

This was part 10 in our Talent Acquisition series. Stay tuned for part 11: Human Resources and Talent Acquisition do not work together

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This post was written by Martin Collins, Founder and MD of Red Executive.

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