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Talent Acquisition Part 9: How to create a clear hiring process, a vital aspect to success

The scenario: You need to reach your business goals. But to do this, you need to make critical hires. The best way to ensure you make the right hire is to have a clear hiring process.

A clear hiring process allows you to build a strong ‘employer brand’ and attract the best talent, ultimately winning the War for Talent, allowing your business to achieve and surpass its goals.

The importance of clarity

Creating a clear hiring process begins with every stakeholder involved understanding the need for the role, being involved in creating the process and adhering to it for every interview and eventual hire.

The need for clarity is important because every stakeholder will have a different outlook, motivation and expectation for the role.

Let’s assume we have 5 different stakeholders in the recruitment process:

  1. The external recruiter
  2. HR
  3. The line manager
  4. A peer of the line manager from another area of the business
  5. The CEO.

Each of these stakeholders has a different motivation for the role:

  • The recruiter is keen to deliver on their service level agreement.
  • HR wants someone to fit culturally.
  • The line manager wants to ease their department or team’s problems.
  • The peer is keen to help their colleague achieve their goals.
  • The CEO understands the business is simply the sum of their people and wants someone who has bought into their values as a business.

Therefore, it is vital that all four internal players are on the same page. Otherwise, disaster ensues. For example, the Candidate goes through 90% of the hiring process and its time for the CEO to meet the candidate. But the CEO is looking for something entirely different. Not only does this waste time, it has a negative effect on your ‘Employer Brand’.

Believe me, when I say, this is a relatively regular occurrence and ultimately increases the volume of resource required in Talent Acquisition.

Clarity does not only apply to the internal stakeholders, however.

If your business chooses to use an external Recruiter to help find the right hire, the Recruiter must also have a clear understanding of the reason for the hire and the problem the role solves. Since they must position your company and the role positively. Additionally, clarity ensures there are no surprises when the candidate first interviews with your business.

Without clarity, how can the recruiter do the job as required?

What needs to be clarified?

Take your time and be sure every stakeholder, internal and external, understand the reasoning for the role.

Be sure the following questions can be answered and are understood by all stakeholders before the hiring process begins:

  • Why is the role needed?
  • What problem does this role solve?
  • Who do they report too?
  • What will they do daily?
  • What are the expectations of the role?

Without clarity, the new hire will start the job and believe they are doing one thing and it turns out they will be doing something completely different. This does not reflect well on the business and leads to unhappy new employee and staff. Ultimately hindering your businesses ability to achieve its goals and we don’t want that!

It’s simple, to achieve your goals, you need to make the right hire and to do this you need a clear process.

This was part 9 in our Talent Acquisition series. Stay tuned for part 10: Strategy not used in Talent Acquisition.

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This post was written by Martin Collins, Founder and MD of Red Executive.

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