Talent Acquisition Part 8: How volume recruiting doesn’t always hire the top talent.

You want to hire the best talent for your business.

One of the most effective ways to do this is by using Recruitment firms. Yet, when we scroll through our LinkedIn newsfeed, we notice there seems to be a negative attitude toward recruitment firms across the digital industry.

This is puzzling because almost every business we know utilises recruitment firms in some capacity in their overall Talent Acquisition Strategy. Although we notice, the role Recruitment firms play is not fully considered or utilised.

How to use Recruitment Firms to their full potential

In Part 3 of this Talent Acquisition series, we discussed how your external partners should be a strong component in your ‘Cross Channel Recruitment Strategy.’ Furthermore, these partners should deliver candidates for roles that are hard to fill.

Yet, the success of delivering candidates is often gauged in volume, opposed to quality. This is a mistake.

We work in a ‘candidate driven’ market and everyone is keen to identify the finest candidates available for the position. So, if you want to identify the best people that have the right skill and value match for your business, you need to concentrate on quality, opposed to volume.

If you choose to use a Recruiting firm to help with your Talent Acquisition strategy, don’t be that business that talks about providing the firm 30 jobs to fill over the next 12 months. Any recruiter with experience knows that it unlikely to fill these roles unless they are involved in an RPO.

Be the company who admits what skills they will struggle to hire. Utilise your Recruitment partner to its full advantage and get them to help you hire those roles. The roles that bring added value to your business.

By utilising a Recruitment firm to their full advantage, allows you to see their benefits. Your opinion of recruiters will become positive and your delivery rate will increase.

Is volume recruiting a risk you are willing to take?

The most effective way to recruit is to build a strategy aimed at attracting the best candidates. However, many businesses fail to do it and lose the ‘War for Talent.’

This counts for your recruitment partners too.

If you insist on getting the finest talent through your door, it can be achieved. You hire a recruitment firm that concentrates more effort on clients who provide them with the ability to ‘sell’ a message to the market. They expect their client to engage 100% in their service and can get behind that ‘message’ to deliver something tangible.

Alternatively, if a ‘volume’ recruiter comes across someone that matches your brief in their database, you will get the CV. However, will they consider technical, as well as, soft skills to ensure the candidate is the best match for your business? Probably not. Will you get that top 25% of talent? I’m not sure.

Is this a risk you are willing to take?

The ‘finest’ talent may take longer, but are you willing to compromise your ability to outperform your competition by hiring second rate talent?

If you believe an Audit of your current business and its approach to Talent Acquisition would be useful, please take our Free Talent Acquisition Audit.

This was part seven in our Talent Acquisition series. Stay tuned for part 8: Strategy toward recruiting firms is volume.

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This post was written by Martin Collins, Founder and MD of Red Executive.

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