Talent Acquisition Part 7: How to strategically ensure Candidate and Company values align

Hire for attitude and train for skill.

This concept allows you to build an entire company with one purpose: success.

Success heavily relies on all employee attitudes and values aligning with the company.

When scaling your business, it is easy to lose sight of the values, the element that put your business into a position of strength. Don’t. Every hire, from leaders to interns must have values that align with the business to retain and grow your position in the market.

The importance of values when hiring

Company values must drive all business decisions. This ensures your business moves in the desired direction, so you must hire against these values. Thus, every employee believes in the company vision and strives for the same goal.

The best way to ensure values align is to make sure every Candidate experiences the same positive hiring process. To create this consistent process, you must consider:

  • All stakeholders must play an active and pivotal part in the Talent Acquisition process prior to the engagement of any Candidates.
  • Everyone is on the same page with regards to the requirement of the Candidate and need for the role.
  • What are the needed skills of the Candidate that will help the business achieve its goals?
  • Test the key requirements of the role against your key values.
  • All Candidates receive the same checks and re-checks

Additionally, all Candidates must be asked the same questions to determine if there is a value match:

  • Do their skills fit in with what is needed?
  • Where did this individual achieve success previously and why?
  • How has the Candidate conducted themselves in achieving this success?
  • How has the Candidate achieved success, does it match your values?
  • Are your values going to allow this individual to excel and be successful?

By ensuring all Candidates are evaluated equally, it allows you to decide if values align and if this individual is the right fit for your business. If the Candidate’s values do not align with your business, walkway.

This is a concept we have previously discussed in Part 5: A clear process is vital to success. Its importance cannot be overlooked, which is why we are touching upon it again and dedicating an entire post to this subject.

Values and your business

The implementation of values comes from the top down. Business leaders must understand what are the company’s values and how they impacted your business thus far. The success of your company heavily relies on everyone across the business sharing the same values.

However, there are many businesses out there who do not even understand exactly what their business is built upon and how that foundation with help sustain growth. This will hinder their ability to be successful.

So, take some time and understand what these values are and have them as a key component of your recruitment process. It undoubtedly will help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

What are your company’s key values and how have they helped you achieve success?

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This was part seven in our Talent Acquisition series. Stay tuned for part 8: Strategy toward recruiting firms is volume.

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This post was written by Martin Collins, Founder and MD of Red Executive.

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