How to dress for an interview

How to dress for a job interview

Your interview for a great job is quickly approaching; you are deep into ‘pre-interview’ prep, concerned about conveying why you are right for the role and what your skills can bring to the company. What you are going to wear is the furthest thing from your mind. But it shouldn’t be.

What you wear and how you carry yourself is important. It is the hiring manager’s first impression of you. If you show up looking sloppy and unkempt, a negative perception will be formed and it could affect your chances of getting the job, despite being qualified.

An appropriate outfit shows you did your research about the company, took the time to learn about the environment and culture. If you arrive dressed like you fit into the environment, the hiring manager can picture you as one of the team.

So, what exactly should you wear? Let us break it down for you.

What should I wear?

Dressing appropriately for a job interview doesn’t always mean a suit. Different industries and types of companies have different expectations on how you should you dress. Do your research about the role and company and dress accordingly.

At a start-up company, it tends to be a less formal environment and the dress code reflects it by being more casual so a suit and tie may be out of place. Perhaps ‘business casual’ is best, such as nice pants or skirt, dark jeans and button up shirt.

Whereas in a corporate environment, it is more structured and formal, so we recommend a suit and tie.

What not to wear

Always look put together and professional. If you do not put effort into your outfit and look ‘sloppy,’ you will come across as not taking the opportunity seriously.

For example, do not only tuck the front of your shirt into your pants and leave the back hanging out, double check that you don’t have a bit of breakfast from that morning on the front of your shirt.

Look professional at the interview, do not wear:

  • Sunglasses during the interview
  • Ripped jeans
  • Stained clothing
  • Rumbled or creased clothing
  • Backpack with a suit
  • Don’t wear a hat. You don’t look ‘cool’ or ‘stylish’ you come across unprofessional.
  • Think of your shoes. No sandals, no clunky winter boots, ripped or dirty shoes.

If you go back for a second interview, think of how the interviewer and the other employees dressed and mimic their outfit. If you showed up in a suit for the first interview but noticed the interviewer and other people at the company were dressed more ‘business casual,’ dress like that for the next round, wear nice pants and shirt. Show that you fit in into the company.

Remember your outfit is the Interviewers first impression of you and it’s hard to change that first impression, so do your research and dress right for the company and role.

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This post was written by Alyssa Jacobs, Marketing & Social Media Manager at Red Executive

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