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Talent Acquisition Part 2: Why a junior profile shouldn’t lead hiring strategy

The scenario: You created a platform that solves problems in a particular industry. It all started with a small team compiled of individuals that ‘bought into’ the idea and mission of your business.

Finally, all the hard works paid off and you get the investment from VCs you need.

Your product has ‘proof of concept,’ so to remain pertinent, you need to hire people that will continue to develop the product. Now, you need to grow your business from 15-50 people over the next 18 months. This will be one of your biggest challenges because without this Talent you won’t be able to deliver against your commitment to investors.

The strategy you have been dreaming about and creating is finally becoming reality. You can further develop your platform and expand your business internationally. But first you must make the right hires to help you achieve these goals.

Why is Talent Acquisition/HR important?

It is a vital component of your business.

This area of your business guides the hiring of the Talent your business needs to further develop the platform and expand internationally. Without these new hires, you won’t be able to move your business forward.

It is common to see businesses put a lot of thought and consideration into hiring individuals with the expertise and skill to lead Operations, Tech, Commercial, Product. Yet, inevitably, the hire for your Talent Lead is not rewarded with the same depth of thought. Why does hiring the individuals for Talent Acquisition/HR demand anything different? Given the important part this individual will play in your continued success, surely you need to consider what they should bring to the table and moreover, really consider an individual that can bring a strategic vision to your business.

How hiring a Junior Profile for your first Talent Acquisition employee could lead to problems

In the last few years, we have seen several businesses with excellent products and solutions entrust the continued expansion of Talent, in the hands of a novice.

Don’t misinterpret me, some individuals have the talent to lead the strategy. But even with talent and drive, if they are junior, they cannot rely on years of experience needed to build a strategy that will ‘seamlessly’ help the business acquire all the Talent required to achieve its mission and goals. Someone with 2 years’ experience does not have the ‘gravitas’ to build structure and consider elements, such as ‘Channel Management’, ‘Recruitment Marketing’ or building an ‘Employer Brand.’ They lack the necessary experience needed to create the strategy for a large team to excel and deliver the overall strategy required to deliver positive goals.

Moreover, part of the role of Talent Acquisition/HR is to lead the recruitment process. They must help educate hiring managers how to maintain a positive candidate experience, proper interviewing techniques, which are in line with company values, and how to avoid interview bias.

If these elements are not considered or properly taught, it can have a negative impact on your ‘Employer Brand,’ impacting your ability to make the right hires and ultimately meet your goals.

Your lead Talent Acquisition/HR individual may not seem the highest priority as you start to scale. However, you will achieve your goals faster and more efficiently by understanding the importance of this function on your continued success.

If you have any questions about how your business can create a Talent Acquisition strategy, please get in touch.

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This was part two in our Talent Acquisition series. Stay tuned for part 3: Don’t put all your efforts into one channel.

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This post was written by Martin Collins, Founder and MD of Red Executive.

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