Bad habits can ruin a team

Habits that can ruin a team

You have a big project deadline on the horizon. You and your team need to pull together and get it done. There is no time for division amongst members but one member is not good at working with others, they have developed some bad habits, and it’s impacting the team’s ability to get their tasks accomplished.

Bad habits impact everyone you work with and can cause tension. This can create problems for the team, which ultimately impacts the performance of the business. When a team works together, performance increases and you are able to achieve your goals.

Not sure if you are guilty of these bad habits? Check our list of bad habits that can negatively influence a team so you can be sure to keep these bad habits at bay.

Blaming others


Do not blame others for your error.

Everyone makes mistakes but it’s how we handle them that makes a difference. An effective team member takes ownership, learns from the error, corrects it and moves on. If needed, they ask for help, there is no shame in asking for it.

A strong and well-functioning team will work together to find a solution.  When working together, you will get different points-of-view and come up with new innovative ideas that can make the project stronger.

Do not create the type of team environment, where members are apprehensive to ask for help or try to cover up mistakes. This leads to a team full of distrust and tension.

Talking behind people’s backs


Do not bad mouth team members. It looks unprofessional and creates a toxic environment.

By talking negatively about others it can divide the team and cause people to take sides. If you have something to say, say it directly to the person in a constructive and non-confrontational manner. This accomplishes two things. Firstly, the team member may not have realised they were doing some wrong. Secondly, it will put an end to the issue before it becomes a problem that limits the team’s ability to finish the project.

If you have something nice to say, say it too! Everyone likes to hear positive things. It always gives a confidence boost.

Not working together

Refusing to work together and going at it alone can hinder your team’s ability to get the task accomplished.

When a team is made of people from different backgrounds and experiences, you are afforded the opportunity of developing unique and innovating ideas but blending your different experiences and points-of- view. A diverse team environment allows you to be more creative.

But if members refuse to share ideas, communicate and work together, innovation cannot happen. If members decide to go it alone and only focus on their tasks or start doing all the tasks and not delegating, the team’s full potential is never realised.

Working in a team environment is fun, as well as, challenging. Remember to respect your colleagues, be honest and be kind because when you work together you reach your goals and develop innovative ideas.

This post was written by Chiara Farina, IT Recruitment Resourcer.

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