Yoda and Red Executive

Candidate Engagement. Make Yoda proud it would.

Candidate engagement is a ‘hot topic.’ It is difficult for a Recruiter to stand out in today’s Candidate-driven market. At Red Executive, we spend a great deal of time discussing ways to improve how we approach potential Candidates, particularly on the tech-focused side of our business.

Personalization is always something we are trying to achieve, and the likes of Github and Stack Overflow makes it a little easier, as it provides us with both professional and personal information about the Candidate.

I was keen to share the best piece of ‘attempted’ engagement I have seen in a long time and highlight how our consultant, Bjorn Josephson, managed to stand out, as an individual who really wanted to connect with the talent, especially after realizing they were a massive Star Wars fan, just like him.

Candidate engagement at its finest.

Bjorn’s email to the Candidate:

Hello Obi-xxxx,

I’m one with the force, and the force is with me.

The Rebel Alliance (highest net-worth fintech/trading platform in Europe) are in desperate need of assistance from the imperial forces.

The rebels are looking for the lost-Jedi. Obi-xxxx, who can bring peace to the galaxy, more specifically on the Germany Planet where the new Alliance Headquarters are based. With JVM-based systems, they are relying on Java-Jedi Obi-xxxx known Object-Oriented orientation within the force.

Leia is also looking for someone who can restore power to their high-volume, low latency applications which are designed for mission critical systems that delivers high-availability and performance attacks against the Stormtroopers.

After 3 years at Tora trading services, Obi-xxxx must help us.

When can we set up an urgent hologram in order to go into more details?

You are our only hope.

Despite a response, Obi-xxxx was not available:

Hello Master Josephson,

For your message thank you very much.

Unfortunately, at the moment, under attack here at Tora’s outpost, we are. For three years we are fighting against the Republic but, still much work to be done, there is.  Hmmmmmm.

Find the suitable Jedi to help you bring the balance to the force, hope you will.  Do or do not, there is no try.

Undoubtedly, the best piece of attempted engagement I have seen. Despite not being successful, this time round, I am sure Obi-xxxx will remember Master Josephson the next time he is considering his options. Bjorn’s pipeline will be strong, just like the force, allowing him to help his clients hire the finest talent on the market. There is hope despite this ‘War for Talent’.

This article was written by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive

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