Valentine's Day

Recruiting Love Stories

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we asked the Red Executive team to share what they love most about the Digital Industry and Recruiting.

Here is what they said:

Martin Collins, Founder & MD

I love the ‘dynamic’ of any recruitment process. Often you hear people complain their job involves the same element of work over and over. However, given we are working with people the ‘dynamic’ constantly changes. I’ve been in the industry for 16 years and I have yet to experience two processes that have followed the same path. Processes are like snowflakes, two are never identical. That’s what makes my job so interesting and engaging.

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Ryan Cilia, Account Executive

There is nothing better than giving a Candidate good news. I love hearing the candidate’s excitement and sheer joy when you tell them they got the job.

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Chiara Farina, IT Recruitment Resourcer

I love being surprised by people, especially when you least expect it. That’s what I love about Recruiting the potential to be surprised daily since you deal with people from all different walks of life.

Let me share a story.

One time, I was stressed and I quickly typed a response to an email and sent it, without paying close attention to the recipient. By accident, I sent it to a client! Not my friend for which it was intended.

I figured, ‘well this client will never speak to me again.’ But to my surprise, I got a nice and playful response and we continued our working relationship.

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Nicola Mizzi, Account Executive

My favourite thing about Recruiting is the dynamic nature your daily activity. I love how it changes every day because we deal with people from different backgrounds and all over the world.

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Steve Murphy, Recruitment Resourcer

There are two things I love about Recruitment.

Firstly, I’m a people person and Recruiting provides the opportunity to deal with many different people. I also love that I am offering them a new career, career progression and perhaps a completely new lifestyle in a new city.

Secondly, every day is different. It’s great to think you can help and have a big positive impact on some people’s careers – this I why I love recruitment.

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Alyssa Jacobs, Marketing and Social Media Manager

Technically, a recruiter is the reason I met my husband.

Years ago, my husband was living in the UK. He was approached by a Recruiter for a job in Canada and he accepted. So my husband moved to Canada, where I was living, and we met. If that Recruiter had not contacted my husband, we may have never met.

So that is what I love about the industry, how a Recruiter provides potentially life-changing opportunities with exciting jobs and the option to move aboard.

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