5 Soft Skills to assess during an interview

When hiring for your business, assessing if the Candidate is the right fit is more than just ensuring they have the right ‘technical’ skills. Technical skills get the job accomplished but soft skills ensure the Candidate has the necessary personal attributes that allow them to fit into your company culture and environment.

Soft skills are what separate those who are good at their job from those who are great. As Greg Savage says, “Hire an attitude, not just skills and qualifications.”

5 Soft Skills to look for during an interview

1.      Interpersonal Skills

In order to maintain a cohesive and productive work environment, the Candidate must have people skills. Desirable skills are being sociable, have common sense, be friendly and possess the ability to clearly communicate.

2.      Leadership skills

Leadership ability encompasses many different skills. It doesn’t necessarily mean the individual should always ‘take charge.’ It is about the individual understanding when to step-up as a leader and when to take a step back and follow. Individuals that understand this generally work well in teams and possess strong critical thinking ability.

3.      Self-motivation

The Candidate demonstrates that they are able to take initiative when needed, and take ownership of skills and tasks.

4.      Adaptability

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, the Candidate’s eagerness to adapt to new situations and issues is important. The Candidate should want to learn new skills that help progress their career and the businesses ability to achieve their goals. This is especially important for those in Tech Candidates, as they need to continuously learn and stay on top of the latest skills and knowledge in the industry.

5.      Likeable

You want to hire someone that others like to be around and is personable, has good social skills and is friendly, especially if the Candidate is to work in a team or is client facing. If the person is to work closely with a team, you can ask members to be part of the hiring process, to ensure the Candidate is a good fit.

It is important to remember, a Candidate does not need to check off every one of these skills, during the interview, focus on the skills that best suit your business needs and values which are most applicable to your environment.

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This post was written by Rosalind McCabe, Office Manager at Red Executive

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