Recruiting Explained: What is RPO?

You created an amazing product that will disrupt the market. You secured the necessary funding from a group of shareholders and VC’s. The leadership team is in place. You are preparing to scale the business. But your current HR/Recruitment structure is not able to handle it. You need help.

You need an RPO (an in-house Recruiter) to help identify and engage with the top Talent on the market, whilst building a positive ‘Employer Brand’ to help you continue to attract talent after their departure.

According to our 2016 Talent Survey, identification of Talent was one of the biggest Recruiting challenges faced by businesses in 2016 and promises to remain a major concern in 2017. An RPO can absolutely help solve this problem. But what exactly is an RPO?

Definition of RPO

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It is an in-house recruitment solution for scaling businesses that need to attract and engage with the finest talent quickly and efficiently. Through an RPO, a consistent recruiting strategy is created, allowing every hire to be made in a positive manner, building and maintaining your employer brand.

What can you expect from an RPO?

1. Identification & engagement of Talent

You work with a Talent Acquisition expert to create a strategy that facilitates the identification of the finest talent on the market. This strategy allows your Talent Acquisition expert to engage with candidates, within the necessary Talent Pool, who possess the skills that bring value to your business. These Candidates won’t only have the necessary ‘technical skills’ but also the right attitude to ensure they share your outlook and fit into the team. Indeed, at Red Executive, we will utilize our unique Talent Scorecard and bring an entirely ‘data’ driven approach to the process, helping aid your quest to stop ‘Interview Bias’.

2. A solid, consistent recruitment process

Your ‘Employer Brand’ is closely tied to how you engage with Talent. Talent won’t simply come to you; you must stand out in the job market. One way to do this by having a positive and consistent hiring process. This means every candidate experiences the same interview process, receives feedback (whether they get the job or not) and the interviewer represents your company and culture in a positive manner.

3. The creation of a recruitment marketing/social media strategy

Armed with a thorough knowledge of your business, the Talent Acquisition expert helps you create unique content around the values of your business. This differentiates your business culture and environment, demonstrating why it’s a desirable place to work. Ultimately, attracting the top Talent.

4. A trusted confidant

As a business leader, you need to be able to trust someone to assume control of this ‘key aspect’ of your businesses. The Talent Acquisition expert will be driving one of the most important aspects of your scaling business, the hiring of talent. So prepare to be challenged and questioned. It may initially be a little uncomfortable but it helps you find the best solutions to your talent issues.

5. Be pushed to create the best process

You, as the leader of the business, need to be at the forefront of the ‘Talent Strategy’. When you are not, it does not represent your business properly on the market. Candidates want to see your commitment, hear and understand the company story and vision, from the individual who created it. When you are not involved, it affects your Employer Brand image negatively.

If your business is scaling and needs help, an RPO is a great solution to ensure your business is represented positivity on the market and ultimately win ‘The War for Talent.’

Please contact us and we will assess your plans and tailor a unique proposal based on the needs of your business.

This was written by Martin Collins, the Founder & MD of Red Executive

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