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Tech CV writing: How to make your CV standout

What information on your CV gets noticed by Tech Recruiters?

Our Recruiters on Team Tech, Julian Cassar and Bjorn Josephson, share the most vital information they search for on CVs.

A CV is one of the most important things you can create to get noticed and stand out from other Candidates. Follow these CV tips to create the ultimate Tech focused CV and get a chance at your dream role.

How to write a Tech CV:

Up-to-date skills

Technology is advancing and changing rapidly, as a consequence, companies are adapting and looking for Candidates with experience using the newest tech. So Technical Candidate’s need to keep learning to stay relevant.

On your CV, demonstrate your effort to master the newest tech. Show certifications and/or create accounts on Stack Overflow and GitHub (which we strongly recommend). These accounts showcase examples of your coding work and provide an understanding of your current level and expertise. Account information should be at the top of your CV, next to your contact information.

Most recent projects

Your CV must show your most recent projects, explain the technology you use and how the technology is being applied. Also, highlight what you achieved and your successes.

Technical skills summary

Most technical environments are different and Tech Candidates get exposure to various technologies throughout their career, (especially nowadays when the average employment length of a Tech Candidate is 18 – 36 months).

So towards the top of your CV, we recommend a summary of your technical skills used most frequently and the skills that are your strongest. This highlights your skills and easily allows Recruiters to determine what roles would suit you best.

List current and past employers

Every company is different with a unique culture, environment, ethics, outlook, goals, way of working and technical capabilities. So you must show Recruiters your current and past employers and how long you have worked in each role. It provides a better understanding of the ideal placement for you, what you have done and could do in the future.

Personal interest and projects

Share any projects or coding you do outside work and in your spare time. It demonstrates passion, your commitment to learn new skills and grow professionally. Plus, it allows you to showcase your work and demonstrate your skills.

If you have any of the following accounts, share the information on your CV:

  • GitHub
  • Stack Overflow
  • Online Portfolio
  • Code examples
  • Blog
  • Websites

Formatting and Organization

Be mindful of the formatting and organization on your CV, failure to do so, makes you look sloppy and unprofessional.

Formatting should be consistent throughout and organized to highlight the most important and relevant information at the top of your CV. Be sure to have the correct contact information (name, email and phone number) first on your CV.

Also, check for spelling and grammatical errors. Keep it informative, short, straight to the point and simple. Recruiters do not want to go through 9 pages of work experience.

In order to attract Recruiters and stand out, it’s vital to create a well-thought out CV, which is easy to read and contains all the relevant and pertinent information to showcase your skills, accomplishments, success and background.

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This article was written by IT Recruitment Lead Julian Cassar and IT Recruitment Resourcer, Bjorn Josephson.

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