Red Executive predictions for Recruiting trends in 2017

The Red Executive team took a break from planning for the New Year and put down our mulled wine to share our predictions on, what we believe, will be recruiting trends in the coming year. We discussed industry trends, in-demand skills and how recruiting will change.

Predictions for Recruiting trends in 2017:

Candidate Experience

Creating and delivering a positive candidate experience will become a more important part of the recruitment process in the coming year.

Every candidate that applies for roles, whether they get an interview or not, needs to have a positive experience. This will be created when the company communicates to every candidate across every medium. Those who personalizes every interaction will achieve the most success.

Ultimately, the majority of companies will realize that EVERY candidate is a potential vehicle to attract further talent because when they share their experience with their network, the company can benefit from a positive employer brand image.

Data-Driven Processes

We are all currently in a ‘War for Talent’ and during the hiring process, there are several ‘touchpoints’ between the candidate and your company. All of these touchpoints need to monitored and evaluated. It is vital you understand where you are losing talent and utilizing your data to optimize your process.

Martin Collins, Founder and MD at Red Executive remembers in 2012, discussing this issue with a client in London, who were insisting all technical candidates conducted a test prior to the first interview. They were easily losing 80% of potential applicants. By examining the data and optimizing their process, they would have engaged with the finest talent in a more professional manner and ultimately reached their talent goals much more quickly.  In 2017, data must drive all process.

Data is King

Data is not only important for the recruitment process. Businesses are relying more and more on data because it allows them to make more informed decisions that yield higher ROIs. Due to the demand for data, companies are scaling quickly and across borders.

Our Team Commercial: Ryan, Nicola, Steve and Bobby are seeing a major rise in clients seeking candidates that have data and analytical experience. Across Sales, Product, Solutions, Operations and Support, candidates must be able to easily fathom the vast amount of data accessible and be able to verbalize this data in terms of the solutions. The data is providing a solution and everyone within the business MUST be able to relate with that solution.

Data is also key for our IT Team: Julian, Chiara, Nerissa, and Bjorn. They are seeing a rise in demand for IT professionals that have more specialized, data-driven, skills that can build the actual platforms making sense of the vast amounts of data. In 2017, the Big Data driven languages like Scala and Python, along with the Hadoop modules like Kafka, Spark etc… will continue to become more popular, as well as the continued advancement of Machine Learning algorithms.

Content Marketing

The talent market is becoming more sophisticated; candidates are attracted to companies that show their employer brand with an easily identifiable values and subsequent culture. This is especially important if you want to attract candidates both ‘active’ and ‘passive’ on the market.

You need to show what it’s like to work at your business. Utilizing content creation through social media is one of the best ways to display your company. But this is only effective if you understand what channels will reach your target audience. For example, if your target audience engages on Snapchat, you should use it because it’s a tremendous ‘Employer Branding’ tool. The need to showcase your brand, as a way to attract talent will only become bigger in the coming year.


The main concern of all recruitment focused professionals and business owners is engagement. Year on Year, there are new technologies brought to the recruitment market. Martin, says “I have seen Video and Big Data recruitment solutions gaining strong investment. The claim of these platforms will ultimately, with liquidity, increase engagement. On the face of things, an increase may be achievable with such products. Nevertheless, none of them solve this major problem in recruiting the finest talent and engaging with the exact individuals you want for a role, ‘Specific Engagement.’ Perhaps as machine learning becomes more powerful and is coupled with some sort of VR solution, a solution can be created. But as it stands, people will still have to play a massive part in engaging the finest talent.”

Julian and Bjorn agree. They believe, in 2017, the demand for IT professionals with VR and AR experience will be the most sought after candidates. Anyone trying to decide what computer languages to learn should focus on languages that let you create VR and AR technologies.

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