6 Things you need to consider as an Executive job seeker

As an Executive job seeker, your outlook during the recruitment process will be different to that of a mid-level candidate.

By this point in your career, you are either an up and comer or have ‘been there and done it.’ So you need to distinguish yourself differently than in past interviews. In order to stand-out, it requires you to consider 6 key things, allowing you to fully elaborate the value you can bring to your prospective employer.

6 key things to consider as an Executive job seeker:

1. Does the prospective company match your values of business?

You will be driving strategy in this new role, therefore, the method and outlook of the business are vital to your success. Consider where you have previously achieved success and whether this company’s approach matches. If not, what are your considerations on how they operate? Can you excel in this environment or will it lead to frustration?

2. Carefully and thoroughly prepare questions for the interview

The questions you ask and the information you seek during the interview is vital to displaying how you think. This preparation and delivery show how you can bring value to the business and if you seek solid, data-driven conclusions.

3. Know the perception of the business on the market

Research what the prospective company has achieved and how are their achievements perceived by the key players in the market? Who are their competitors? What do they do well and what are their USPs? What steps do they need to take in order to continue to achieve their goals?

4. Where does the company want to go?

Know the evolution, growth and long-term plans of the business. These elements determine if the company is the right fit for you. For example, are they planning an IPO and you have more demonstrable success in a start-up environment? Do you want to work with a business towards IPO? If so, why? Moreover, what value will you bring and why?

5. What hurdles are stopping the business from achieving goals?

You took the time to understand the direction of the business, USPs, and competition. As a consequence, what problems do you foresee and how will you overcome them? As an Executive, you MUST have the foresight and display that foresight, preferably armed with data. With this data, what are the solutions to these issues and how are they overcome?

6. What do other people you respect say about the company?

Ask around, do some research and get a feel for their ‘employer brand.’ You must gain an understanding of how the company is perceived on the market.  If there are negative considerations, why is this the case and how easy is it to overcome the issues? You should also gauge how the Executive team reacts to this when you bring it up during the recruitment process.

Taking these considerations into account during the interview demonstrates you prepared and thought about all angles. Plus, it shows the positive impact and value you will bring to the role.

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This article was written by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive.

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