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A Recruiters guide to personal branding #1: How it helps your career

The importance of personal branding for Recruiters

Today, branding is not limited to just companies. You are a brand too.

When you think of Richard Branson, Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg, you immediately think of a certain image, a trusted source, a leader in their industry and by extension their brands.  But personal branding is not just for CEO’s, entrepreneurs or The Kardashians. It’s for everyone.

Personal branding is how people remember you. It is the exact impression you want to convey. It builds your professional reputation and by extension your company. Your personal brand gives you a competitive advantage, allowing you to stand out in your field.

As a Recruiter, it is very important to build a strong brand that positions you as an authority figure and a ‘go-to’ source for information. Plus, it helps you grow your network and make clients and candidates want to work with you.

But where do you start? How do you actually go about building a personal brand?

Our personal branding series will help you get started,  teach you how to build your personal brand and define yourself professionally. But first, you should understand why you need to create one.

5 benefits of creating a personal brand

1. Positive impression

A personal brand is your unique impression. It’s how you are remembered by peers, clients, and candidates.

2. Demonstrates your knowledge and expertise

Create content, like published articles on Linkedin, share relevant information, such as industry related news and articles and participate in online discussions. These efforts show your knowledge and that you are connected with your industry.

3. Competitive advantage

Everyone’s brand is unique. Your personal brand will make you stand out amongst competitors because it shows how and why you are different.

Setting yourself apart from the competition is especially important for Recruiters since it is such a competitive industry. According to the Jobvite survey, amongst all Recruiters surveyed, 95% believe that the job market will remain or become more competitive.

So the need for your personal brand to stand out online is becoming more important.

4. Provides value

Phil LaBoon, CEO of Eyeflow says it best, “make sure the content you are creating provides your audience with a unique value that sets you apart and keeps your audience begging for more.”

5. Helps build your network

When you have a strong personal brand it demonstrates you are interacting and participating online, people will then recognize you and the information you provide. Ultimately, increasing your presence within the market and building trust.

As a recruiter, building a network is important, you want to become your contacts ‘go-to’ person for all job-related matters, whether it’s a client, candidate, or as partners now or in the future.

This is just part 1 of our Personal Branding for Recruiters series. Stay tuned for part 2, where we explain how to create a personal brand.

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This post was written by Alyssa Jacobs, Marketing & Social Media Manager at Red Executive

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