8 reasons why joining a startup will progress your career

There are many differences between working in a startup and a corporate environment and each with their own merits. But working in a startup provides unique opportunities that progress your career, which is not available in a corporate workplace.

With the ‘digital technology’ space becoming more ‘candidate driven’ by the day and the ‘War for Talent‘ only being heightened, you are probably wondering why a startup, where everyone knows the output required to be successful is greater, be a good choice to aid your career?

Wonder no more. Below we explain, why it will progress your career.

8 reasons why joining a startup will progress your career

1. Influence strategy and direction


You get direct access to the decision makers and therefore, can influence strategy and direction.

In a startup, you will always get access directly to the key decision makers of the business. The culture, values, and mission of the business generally demand that the structure is flat and decisions are made by debate. Therefore, access to these decisions will help you understand and teach you how to make big decisions. It undoubtedly aids you in future endeavors.

2. Learn more


By very nature of a startup, you have a broader set of responsibilities. Therefore, you learn more.

Most corporate businesses have specialists responsible for one particular area of their business. Google, for example, could have up to 15 people fulfilling roles which one person would be responsible for in a startup. This diversity, opposed to specializing, makes you more employable further down the line. Plus, it helps you see the bigger picture of a department or business.

3. Learn to handle change better


Any change will affect you more directly, therefore, help you diversify your approach to problems.

Things change quickly in a startup environment. A decision to change the entire strategy will be made and 24 hours later, everyone is realigned. The ability to deal with change and still be successful is a key element for the majority of hiring managers.

4. Play a direct and important role in success



The entire business works towards the same goal and you understand what part you play in success.

In a corporate business, it’s easily conceivable that there are people in the business that you don’t know personally. This is less likely in a startup. As a consequence, the values and mission are aligned and everyone in the business wants to achieve the same things. It is an incredibly motivating experience and enjoyable place to work when all successes are shared and enjoyed.

5. Huge rewards


Rewards can be vast if you are involved early in a business.

Startups are generally working towards an exit, whether than be an IPO or an Acquisition. When this is achieved, everyone benefits and the mission has been achieved. However, the earlier you are in the business, the more you are likely to reap and the lower salary you may have accepted at the beginning would have been ALL worth it.

6. You direct solutions


You ensure the solution is at the cutting edge of the market.

The problem you are solving and the subsequent solution are very much in your hands. So you can build a solution around the most recent and cutting-edge technologies. For example, in the last two years, Machine Learning has become a staple for the majority of businesses in the ‘digital technology’ space and now, people are venturing into VR. Whatever it is, you are totally in control and learning on a daily basis.

7. Exciting environment


It can be a bumpy ride but the resulting satisfaction can be fantastic.

As with all businesses, there are ups and downs. We have all see the analogy of the guy on the bike and the peaks and troughs of growth. However, for every failure, we learn and for every positive outcome, we learn. It’s never a boring experience.

8. Provides your career with immense opportunity


Working in a startup environment teaches you so much that you can ultimately bring value to any kind of business and undoubtedly furthered your career and potential.

10 years after your ‘startup’ experience, I guarantee you in discussions around your career, regardless of what you are doing, you will still recall the feeling you had whilst involved in that environment, whether it be good or bad.

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This article was written by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive

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