5 ways a positive recruiting process helps your business

Statistics tell us, four out of five entrepreneurs do not understand the impact of the recruitment process regarding the short and long-term success of their business.

Over the years, when businesses try to make new hires, I have seen many things, from companies wanting to test individuals before they have even met; to wanting senior level individuals to produce market entry plans.

Neither are appropriate.

On the face of things, such practices may be considered a necessary part of the recruitment process and in years gone by, they would have been acceptable. Skills were aplenty and employers certainly had the upper hand.

However, today, there is a ‘War for Talent,’ and your business needs to attract the talent. The talent won’t simply come to you, unless you can distinguish yourself in the job market. It is vital to attract the best talent because candidates are the key to success of your business and without them, you will struggle to achieve your goals. Talent brings your solution to life after all. An effective way to distinguish your business in the job market is to have a positive recruitment process.

5 ways a positive recruiting process helps your business

1. Candidates are a marketing channel

Potential candidates, even the ones you reject, become a marketing channel, helping you attract candidates.

It’s ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing. If you treat everyone who applies to work at your business in a positive manner and treat them like ‘human beings’ even when you have bad news, you reap a positive reward. Candidates share their positive experience with peers, making the peers want to apply for roles and your business will gain potential candidates without having paid and that’s always a good thing.

2. Gain a better understanding of what you want

Many entrepreneurs struggle to understand what they want, particularly early in the development of the company. If you have an unstructured hiring process, where even the candidate is unsure about the objectives of the meeting, you won’t understand fully if they match your requirement.

Therefore, with a positive structured approach, you get more from your conversations and understand if the candidate matches your company values and role.

3. Positive consistency

The hiring process needs to be consistent, where you interview all of your potential candidates in the same manner. You gain the same understanding of each candidate against your key values. Ultimately, hiring a team that stands for the same principles and values as your business.

In turn, everyone works towards the same goals and in the same manner. This consistency makes the trip towards your goals much easier.

4. Diversity enables different outlooks

If you have a consistent process so you hire against company ‘values,’ instead of only skills, you will hire likeminded people who come from different backgrounds. This type of diversity enables different outlooks to any issue that may arise.  Each individual will bring different methods, ideas and solutions, fostering innovative solutions.

5. Positivity breeds positivity

When you create a positive recruitment process and your team understands what has to be delivered, the overall dynamic in the office, particularly when new employees start will be incredible and your entire culture will be built on positivity.

When your business is first starting out, it may seem creating a positive process is not a top priority. But by making it one, it will help you make the right hires, ultimately achieving your goals.

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This articlewritten by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive

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