Recruiter Insight: What was your best and worst interview with a candidate?

Recruiter insight is a monthly series on our Blog. Each month our experienced Red Executive recruiters are asked a different question, so they can share their knowledge and experience. Last month our recruiters shared: What is your favourite website.

This month we asked: What was your best & worst interview with a candidate?

Here is what they said:

Martin Collins, Founder and Managing Director

Best interview

The best interviews are with people who come prepared and want to match where they have been successful in the past to the current opportunity. It makes the conversation more enjoyable. Plus, if you manage to match the candidate with the client, the synergy and enthusiasm from both sides builds and generally, you make that hire.

Worst interview

The worst, but funniest interview, was with a guy I interviewed back in Glasgow. He showed up like Spud from Trainspotting, chewing the inside of his gum like his life depended on it. It was obvious from the moment he walked in the door and despite his state, he was incredibly positive about everything discussed. He was even so bold that at the end of the interview he tried to close me and said “When do I start?”

Ricky Ruddock, Head of Business Development

Best interview

The best interview was with a girl that was so excited about the role and the company, she wouldn’t stop talking. She kept talking about all the things she could do to help the company reach their goals. I wasn’t able to get a word in but luckily she covered everything I wanted to know!

Worst interview

The worst interview I ever experienced was a phone interview. I could hear the guy smoking on the phone during the interview, he was swearing and generally did not seem interested in the role. It was a total waste of time.

Julian Cassar, IT Recruitment Lead

Best interview


Just kidding…

My best interview was with a candidate who was personable, polite, punctual, understood their strengths and weaknesses and focused on their strengths. The candidate took the time to research the opportunities the company presented. They even went as far as to understand the company’s technology stacks in advance of the interview! It was a recruiter’s dream.

Worst interview

The worst candidate was the ‘typical’ nightmare. They were not engaged, uninterested, unmotivated, did not listen, the list could go on…Subsequently, I refused to present the candidate to my clients.

Bjorn Josephson, IT Recruitment Resourcer

Best interview

I had a candidate who had all necessary skills for the job, took the time to ask relevant questions and really showed their interest in the opportunity. Moreover, throughout the process they were easy going and professional.

Worst interview

The candidate kept interrupting me when I tried to explain the details of the opportunity by saying they were ‘too good’ for the role. The candidate did not listen to the requirements, yet insisted they possessed all the skills.

Nicola Mizzi, Senior Account Manager

Best interview

All of my best interviews have one thing in common, the candidates prepared thought provoking questions, which demonstrated they had done their due diligence, ensuring the role and company was a fit.

Worst interview

I had a candidate who, after two interviews, still could not answer why she was keen on pursuing the role. Rather than ask questions to possibly clarify the role or address any concerns, she just rolled her eyes and looked out the window.

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