Red Executive’s recruiting process, a first-hand account

We firmly believe in a positive recruiting process. How you hire is a direct reflection on your company values, culture and brand. A bad recruiting process can hurt your reputation and affect your chances of making the right hire in the future, ultimately affecting your ability to achieve your business goals.

A positive recruiting process and building a positive, long term focused ‘employer brand’ is something we take very seriously.

This week we welcomed three new members to our team in Malta and asked them to share their first-hand experience with our recruiting process. Here is what they said.

Red Executive’s recruiting process

Steve Murphy, Recruitment Resourcer

I first applied for the Recruitment Resourcer position before moving to Malta. I was still living in Dublin at the time and looking to relocate. I was sick of the cold and rain!

Recruitment is a new industry for me but I have always had an interest. However, due to my lack of experience, I wasn’t sure if my application would get a response. But a couple days after I applied, I received an email from Rosalind, Office Manager at Red Exec, to organize a phone interview.

My first phone interview did not go as smoothly as planned; my phone was not working correctly so Rosalind could not hear me. We had to re-schedule and organized a second call for later that afternoon. Unfortunately, Rosalind emailed to say that call couldn’t take place because the air conditioning stopped working in the office and everyone had to go home. This is a problem that I would never have to deal with in Dublin and was thrilled at the prospect.

When we finally got speaking the next day, Rosalind immediately calmed any nerves by speaking to me in a very personable way, covering topics from Recruitment to the price of a pint in Malta. All the important stuff.

A few days after arriving in Malta, Rosalind organized my second interview with Martin, Founder & MD, and then a third interview with Ricky, Head of Business Development. I was given great directions to the office, so thankfully didn’t spend an hour before trying to find it.

Both of the interviews followed a simple pattern. They asked me about my previous experience, why I want to live in Malta, why do you want to work in recruitment and why do you want to work for us.  In both interviews, Ricky and Martin immediately putting me at ease, changing subjects from the industry to the football scores at the weekend. When there was a question that I was unsure of how to answer, they quickly moved on without dwelling on it.

All 3 interviews gave me a great impression of the company. They had a quick response to the job application and scheduling interviews, they were reliable and always contacted when they said they would and made me comfortable.

The process made me really excited about my future as a Red Executive Recruiter.

Chiara Farina, IT Recruitment Resourcer

I applied for the job with Red Executive after seeing a post on LinkedIn. My application received a response quickly and about a week later, I received a call to schedule an interview.  I couldn’t take the phone call, so they immediately sent me an e-mail asking when I would be available for an interview. From the beginning of the process, everyone was friendly, available and professional. Both first and second interviews were full of questions about my work experience and getting to know who I am as a person. Martin took the time to explain what Red Executive is all about, how they work and their goals, which is fair considering they want to hire the right fit for their team and be sure I feel I am right for the company.

Some companies let you wait for long periods of time before acknowledging your application, setting your interview and giving you the final answer if you are hired or not. But I did not have that problem at all. I found the recruitment process to be very quick and efficient from the start to the when I was hired. This makes Red Executive different than other companies and made them stand out.

Nerissa van Zonneveld, Intern

I didn’t apply for a job through a job posting. I emailed Red Executive directly asking if I could do an internship. Although my current University program does not require an internship, I believe that work experiences can teach you more than any course.

My email had a quick response, which I appreciated! After a few emails back and forth, Rosalind and I scheduled a phone interview. After which I was then invited to the office to speak with Martin to discuss the possible opportunities and to determine if it would be a good fit for both sides.

I appreciate how “relaxed” Rosalind & Martin both were and how they instantly made me feel welcome and comfortable.  They were both very clear on job expectations, which I appreciated! I knew exactly what the role required and what my tasks will be.

After the interview, they told me they would call me later in the week and inform me of their decision. But they called the same day, less than 2 hours later. It was surprisingly fast.

I was really lucky that after the interview, I was able to go on a three-month long holiday (thanks so much!), So once I returned, we had a meeting to refresh my memory on the expectations and tasks of the role. I really appreciated the meeting, I believe it was good to meet again and to go over certain things and review what had changed over the past few months.

Throughout the entire recruitment process, I had positive feelings.

The takeaway

By creating a positive recruiting process, we were able to communicate our company values, goals and vision. In turn, it made the new team members excited and enthusiastic to begin. As Martin always says, ‘the difference between a good recruiter and a great recruiter is enthusiasm.’

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