7 things needed to build a successful talent strategy

The scenario: You are scaling your business and want growth to continue in your core markets, as well as the new markets where you have chosen to invest. In order to achieve success, you need to develop a strong talent strategy, aiding your ability to hire the right people. Hiring the finest talent for your organization is vital if you are to be successful. It is these people that bring your business to the market and allow you to reach your goals. But finding the right people with the right skills can be difficult with the ongoing ‘War for Talent.’

Over the years we have worked closely with many of our clients to help them build a Talent Strategy and navigate the ‘War for Talent.’ Based on our experience, we put to together a list of 7 things we have learned that help attract the right talent.

Here are 7 things needed to build a talent strategy:

  1. Use your current values and mission

You must recruit against your values and mission to ensure the candidate fits into your company and shares your vision.

  1. Build a positive employer brand

Tell the story about how your business started and how it has grown. Utilize your story to build a positive ‘employer brand’ image and attract talent.

  1. Create a positive recruitment process

Since there are more people rejected than hired, in order to maintain a positive company image, it is important to treat those you reject equally well. So have a solution to deal with rejections in a positive manner.

  1. Have a consistent approach to recruitment

Consistency is key to success. Conduct each interview in the same format. For example, if you have a panel interview, ensure the same people remain on the panel for each interview. Make sure everyone involved in the process is recruiting against the same values and mission. Ultimately, every candidate should experience the same process.

  1. Train your staff to understand they are representing the business in the interview

All interviewers need to be professional. It is vital, regardless of outcome, ALL candidates leave the meeting with a positive impression about the business.

  1. Employ the STAR method

Star is a Behavioral Interview Method that allows you to ask questions against the company business values, ensuring the candidate understands and supports the vision. It stands for:





  1. Be at the front of your Talent Campaign

Developing the talent strategy is as important as developing your Business and Tech strategy. Since the individuals you hire allow the business to move forward and achieve goals.

Creating a talent strategy and recruiting against it can be difficult and time consuming. But without it, you will fail to attract and hire the necessary talent to make your business succeed.

We can help you. Get in touch with us. We provide in-house recruitment services and work with you to develop a talent strategy, which allows you to achieve your goals by attracting the top talent.

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This article was written by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive

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