5 Things a Recruiter does NOT want to see on your CV.

Your CV is a representation of who you are, your career history and educational achievements. It is important that it presents you in the correct manner, so you can achieve your potential.

That ‘perfect’ role with the ‘ideal’ company may come along when you least expect it, so be sure your CV is ready, follow our tips.

what NOT to include on your CV:

1. Picture

Frankly, a potential employer who considers how you look important, before what you have achieved, should be avoided in any case. Let your successes and achievements do your talking.

2. Paramount importance to your Education.

The majority of people we talk to on a daily basis at Red Executive are at least 10 years into their career, so what you achieved at University is redundant. Even if you have gone and spent time achieving an MBA, it’s impressive and helps, but it will not be a recruiters or a line managers first consideration. The only time I would urge you to have a prime spot for your degree on your CV would be if you were considering applying for business based in the United States or your degree is directly in-line with the role you were considering. Only then have it in TOP SPOT.

3. Your first job first

You worked as a Marketing Executive 15 years ago. Well done, but it literally has no relevance on the role you are applying for NOW. Recruiters want to see what you are doing NOW, your current successes. Ensure your most recent role is first and moreover that it has the most importance in the document. It is this component that will play the biggest part in getting you an interview.

4. Use a template

Many institutions provide templates for CVs/Resumes online, please avoid. Your CV is a representation of YOU and recruiters want to see how you ‘sell’ yourself. A CV is a fantastic indicator of YOU as an individual, so express yourself and the value you can bring to a new role. Templates simply make you a number and don’t allow you to stand out.

5. Use colour

Now, the fact of the matter is that colour can be used well. Check out this CV , there is no doubt this sells the individual incredibly well and is directly in line with his target role. However, many people love to be creative and simply are not. I have seen pink, purple, turquoise and yellow all on one CV for an individual with a ‘sales’ background. It did not work. Recruiters want to see your achievements in sales, so keep it simply and stick to black text and white background. Maybe, just maybe, employ bold, italic and underline if you dare.

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This article was written by Martin Collins, Founder & Managing Director at Red Executive

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