Recruiter Insight: What is your favourite website?

Recruiter insight is a monthly series on our Blog. Each month our experienced Red Executive recruiters are asked a different question, so they can share their knowledge and experience. Last month, our recruiters shared What is your top interview tip?

This month we asked: What is your favourite website?

In an effort to know our Recruiters better, here is what they said:

Martin Collins, Founder and Managing Director

Favourite Website:

Business Insider is my first port of call in the morning with my coffee. I read it via flipboard. It regularly provides me with the political, economic, technology, sports and international news that I crave. It has everything I need in one spot.

Borislava Iordanova, Recruitment Resourcer

Favourite Website:

TechCrunch is my ‘go-to’ source for technology and digital industry news. As a recruiter for the digital space, it is extremely important I am up-to-date and ‘in the know’ about innovations, industry changes and insights. Plus, I find the topics and the way the articles are written super interesting.

Ricky Rudduck, Head of Business Development

Favourite Website:

I read Ad Exchanger every morning. It provides easily digestible and insightful news. I also like how the analysis is dedicated to the data-driven marketing space. As experts and consultants to our clients, it’s important we know what’s going on in our space.

Nicola Mizzi, Senior Account Manager


CrunchBase is a great reference point for any person working within a start-up focused industry, as it not only provides information about what companies do, it also has the most recent information about funding, investments and acquisitions. Fantastic site for anyone who wants to have their finger on the pulse.

Julian Cassar, IT Recruitment Lead

Favourite Website:

Tech Insider focuses on technology, science, innovation and culture. It has the latest news, information and the product trends on the market. It is my #1 resource for industry news, as a recruiter for the IT industry, I have to know exactly what is going on.

Rosalind McCabe, Office Manager

Favourite Website:

BBC News is the first thing I read in the morning, while having my morning coffee. This lets me start my day informed and knowing what’s going on globally. BBC covers all types of news, like world news, politics, technology, financial and current events etc…I feel it gives me a well-rounded view of the state of things.

Alyssa Jacobs, Marketing and Social Media Manager


Inc. is my favourite website because it has all sorts of general interest stories and a nice array of business, money, innovative, interest and technology. I follow them on social media, so it makes it easy to read all their latest posts and stay easily informed throughout the day.

Bjorn Josephson, IT Recruitment Resourcer

Favourite Website:

Simply because it’s an easy way to stay-up-to-date with technology, which is not an easy task in an industry that is constantly changing. Also, they post a lot of gaming related articles, which is something I really like, since gaming is my hobby.

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