How dmexco 2016 will shape the way we identify and attract talent

Last week was Europe’s showcase event in the ‘Digital Advertising’ space and 60,000 people from all over the world descended upon Cologne, (Leverkusen or Dusseldorf for the less organized), to engage in conversation and commercial action for 2017.

What I really want to explore is how the following three key talking points from the show, coupled with the current state of the recruiting industry, impacts on our ability to attract talent.

1. Relevancy

Online/Mobile ads is a massive market. So if the largest brands are going to spend their advertising money with you, you have to offer something relevant to their key target audiences. Gone are the days where I/Os and arbitrage account for a large chunk of spend. Now, it’s all about technology. To be successful, your technology must deliver audiences and individual users that can bring value to the chosen brand. And at the same time, your technology must be transparent and accountable. The day of the middle man is coming to an end. I can hear you yelling, “How ironic!” especially coming from a recruiter.

How does this affect the talent market?

It is key to find talent that can understand technology and the problem it solves from both a sales and integration perspective. CTOs are becoming ever more involved in decision making around these solutions, so you have to talk their language. Also, talent needs to be able to think on their feet and provide bespoke solutions for sales and integration.

2. Brexit

The UK turned out in full-force at dmexco and many new businesses have set up their EMEA headquarters in London. Personally, I encountered four different businesses who in 2016 decided on alternative headquarter locations due to Brexit. Yet, all four still wanted to maintain offices in London, to ensure they don’t miss out on the ‘international’ budget spend coming out of it.

How does this affect the talent market?

In my opinion, the dust still has not settled on Brexit. We still can’t get a true reflection of how it’s going to play out. We still need to see how the 2016 Q4 budgets will be spent and how 2017 begins. So the affects it will have on finding talent is still unclear. Captain Mainwaring was right “Don’t Panic.”

3. Germany is still greatly misunderstood

I have been working heavily in the German market for eight years. One of the things that struck me at the very beginning was the eagerness of Non-Germans to get their hands on the advertising spend. Yet, at the same time, they wanted the German based advertisers or agencies to bend to their ways of doing things. It often didn’t end well because people fail to understand the German outlook and way of doing business.

How does this affect the talent market?

The ability to recruit the necessary talent can be incredibly difficult. Non-Germans want the talent to do it ‘their way’ instead of learning from the experience of the talent. Check out my article about International Expansion , it highlights a bunch of questions that need to be answered in order to expand successfully. However, many of them are not considered. I believe, in Germany, if you want to succeed, you must consider how business is conducted even more so than in many other European countries. A wise man once said, “don’t hire someone and then tell them what to do. Hire them and let them educate you”. If you find the right talent and hire correctly, it will inevitably end in success for both parties.

Dmexco is a fantastic event. It grows year on year and is a touch point for learning about trends in the digital space and how these trends will affect your business. As a recruiter, it’s an invaluable resource, allowing us determine and shape the type of talent our clients will need to be successful and deliver against their goals.

Tell us, what did you enjoy about dmexeco? How has what you learn affected your ability to deliver against your goals?

This was written by Martin Collins, the Founder and MD at Red Executive.

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