6 best things about Monday

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” – Harvey Mackay

But sometimes, even a Monday can feel like work. Monday, a singular day of the week that everyone loves to hate. But is this grudge justified?  If on Monday morning you find it hard to get started, we compiled a list to help you get past those Monday blues and start your week off right.

1. The start of the work week offers a fresh start

Think of Monday as a fresh start, you have tasks you want to accomplish, goals and aspirations you want to achieve, put them into action.

2. Make it the most productive day of the week

A study conducted by Accountemps determined that Monday is the most productive day of the week. This could be attributed to people wanting to set a productive tone for the week ahead, they are coming off a few days off and feeling refreshed.

3. Stand out at work

Think of Monday as a prime opportunity to stand out at work, while everyone else is feeling the blues, you can distinguish yourself by putting a smile and extra effort into your work. Your positive attitude will lift your co-workers spirit.

4. It’s the least rainy day of the week

On average, Monday’s are the least rainy day of the week, some believe this is attributed to a reduction in man-made pollution over the weekend, like less cars on the roads, factories don’t operate at full capacity, trains, planes and buses are less frequent. Bonus points if you are from the UK, this is a major highlight, any break in rain is a win and something to look forward too.

5. Best TV of the week

Fan of trashy TV? You are in luck! Monday night has it aplenty. Plus, watching an hour of your favourite train-wreck can instil a sense of confidence and motivation going into the second day of the week.

6. Learn about something new

Read our blog and get to know about technology and the recruiting industry. Use your new knowledge to impress.

Personally, I feel that if you are going to dislike one particular day of the week it should be Thursday. The weekend is so close, you can almost feel the freedom, yet the day seems to drag on. Plus, motivation remains significantly low as individuals are held in suspense as they await #TGIF

This post was written by Matt Goodlad, intern at Red Executive.

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