How to be a successful recruiter: Build relationships

In my 30 years of recruitment, one thing has not changed, it is important to build long lasting relationships with clients, candidates and industry peers.

When I first started to work in recruitment during the 80’s, the fax machine was the newest piece of kit, and boy it was amazing.  Over the years, I worked in many areas of recruitment, such as temporary staff, high volume, permanent and temporary recruitment within the call center industry.  I  worked in agencies, in-house and the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  Currently, I work within the exciting world of Digital Marketing, where the energy and the buzz is without question second to none.

Success relies on talk not tech

Throughout my career, there have been too many technological advancements to mention since the introduction of the fax. However, one of the most useful advancements is how you find candidates through websites like Monster and  LinkedIn.

These resources are fantastic but they do not change the fundamentals of recruitment. The fundamentals are your ability to build long lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. This is what makes you successful. Technology does not help nurture and grow these relationships, which can last a life time.  These relationships are not built on emails, texting and LinkedIn. They are built by picking up the phone and actually talking, listening and finding out what is important. You should be there for the candidates or clients next career move, promotion or life change.

Build relationships with industry peers

Success in recruiting relies on your ability to  immerse yourself in your industry and become an expert. Your peers are great sources for information, help build your creditably and can provide referrals of candidates and clients. So, work on cultivating relationships with your peers. To build relationships with them, you must understand your chosen industry, not just the job titles and company names but the ins and outs, breaking news, history of the industry. Do your research, the industry is the common ground to build the relationship.

Technology cannot replace human interaction

The countless changes in the industry throughout the last 30 years enhance the way we attract and interact with clients and candidates. But I have yet to use an application, computer or another piece of kit that replaces a conversation between two people with a love of their industry, a real desire to both listen and help. So please use the tools but keep talking, it works.

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This post was written by Rosalind McCabe, Office Manager at Red Executive

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