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10 things that will happen at dmexco

1. You start the journey with a #dmexcotravelselfie

2. The first day begins with all the newbies having to queue because they forgot to print their passes beforehand.

3. Meet up with friends you haven’t seen since dmexco last year.

3 - Meet friends - arrested developement

4. All conversations  start with how poor the mobile reception and wifi are at the show.

5. YoY the Agency Network stands have more security.

6. The Lead Generation guy starts following you round the conference.

7. By 7pm, one of the stands has basically turned into a nightclub.

8. The second day begins and there are unmanned booths. Someone had fun last night.

8 - Unmanned Booth

9. As you’re leaving, you finally realize the difference between the dmexco diner and the dmexco Café.

10. You stand in an epic taxi queue for the airport.

While it all sounds fun, there is an incredible amount of business done at dmexco. A big thanks to all of the organizers for arranging such a fantastic event.

Red Executive will be at dmexco from September 12 – 15. Get in touch to book a meeting.

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