Recruiter Insight: What is your favourite interview question

Recruiter insight is a monthly series on our Red Exec Blog. Each month our experienced Red Executive recruiters will be asked a different question, so they can share their knowledge and experience.

This month we asked: What is your favourite interview question to ask and why? 

Here is what they said:

Nicola Mizzi, Senior Account Manager

In the last week, have you been satisfied, energized and productive at work? What were you doing?

The candidate’s answer provides insight into what they truly enjoy in their role, as well as, their motivations to perform and excel.

Borislava IordanovaRecruitment Resourcer

What is your biggest achievement?

Their answer will determine if they are proactive and an overachiever. Also, it provides insight into the candidate’s motivation, leadership style and personality.  I find by asking about their biggest achievement, it’s easier to engage because people love to share their strengths and successes.

Julian Cassar, IT Recruitment Lead

I ask three questions: What is your biggest success and your biggest failure? Explain why? In hindsight, what would you have done differently?

These questions allow you to see the highs and lows of a career from the candidate’s perspective and determine if the candidate is self-reflective. It demonstrates their commitment levels and how far they are willing to go in order to change and adapt to achieve goals.

Bjorn Josephson, IT Recruitment Resourcer

In a perfect world, what is your ideal role?

This question allows me to understand what the candidate wants in their next role. It helps with matching the right candidate to the right client. Plus, the answer helps focus the pitch and process accordingly.

Martin Collins, Founder and Managing Director

How do you define success? And in what environment would you consider yourself most successful and why?

Their definition of success is key to understanding whether an individual is truly driven by achievement. We have to ensure the candidate’s perception of success matches that of our client, so there can be positive synergy.

This determines the type of work ‘environment’ where the candidate can excel. It is suggested only 6% of overachievers move company and achieve that same level of success. I believe, the lack of translated success can be attributed to the many different variables in their new role. So I want to know about their current workplace intimately, in order to gain an understanding if they can adjust and ease into my client’s role with ease.

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