History of #Jobunicorn

You may have noticed that recently Red Executive starting using the hashtag, #jobunicorn on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We put a lot of thought into choosing our unique and very own hashtag. So we wanted to give you a little background information on how this hashtag came to pass and why we decided to use it, besides the obvious reasons of wanting to be cool and trendy.

Why we chose #Jobunicorn

Recently, Red Executive hired Alyssa Jacobs to take control of the company marketing and social media. One of her first quests was to work with the team in order to create a company # (hashtag). The challenge was creating one that represented both the organization and our goals of matching the finest talent in digital technology with the most innovative solutions and businesses.

So we had a meeting (as you do) and as a team, we came up with #jobunicorn.

But wait, what does #jobunicorn actually stand for?

  • We work in the world of the unicorn. For us, a unicorn is a pre-IPO business worth over $1b, so it made perfect sense for the hashtag to make reference to this phenomenon.
  • We work in a ‘candidate driven’ market, so we view our Most Placeable Candidates as unicorns. Once we have one, we know we are working with something rare and valuable.
  • In terms of recruitment solutions, there are many options available, but which ones are really going to bring you value and provide a solution driven approach to your Talent strategy, ultimately, helping you outperform your competition? We believe, in this instance, we are a unicorn.
  • The business was started by Scots and, believe it or not, the National Animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.

So there you have it, the complete history of #jobunicorn.

When you want to scale your business and identify and engage with the finest talent on the market, think #jobunicorn and our client services

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