5 Things a “Red Exec” Recruiter wants to see on your CV.

At Red Exec, we appreciate that we are currently working in a ‘candidate driven’ market, which means demand for talent outweighs supply in the ‘digital technology’ space.

The supply driven marketplace results in recruitment firms, including Red Executive, positioning themselves differently to their potential competition. So it directly impacts what we want to see from your CV. At Red Executive, we want to identify and engage with the talent that isn’t responding to job ads. This is the talent that is happy, content and challenged in their current role.

Whether you are looking for a new role or not, to attract recruiters to your CV, keep it looking great.

5 things to put on your CV:

1. Current role

Your most recent experience will always be the most relevant.

Questions to consider when updating your CV: what are you doing now and what has motivated you to consider your options? What have you achieved and moreover, how does it relate to the market and what’s currently available and required?

2. Who do you work for now?

Recruiters look at things like, environment and cultural fit, so the industry and type of company you currently work for will help recruiters determine if you are a right fit for the role.

We have seen candidates from certain businesses be better hires for certain clients. This is very much down to the company culture and what ‘type’ of individual is successful in this environment, whether it’s a start-up or corporate environment. We have identified some direct correlations and this certainly impacts how we view a CV.

3. Stability

The majority of our clients, want someone who has shown some stability and given themselves an opportunity to achieve sustainable success.

There is no doubt that in the last 15 years, the ‘one job person’ has ceased to exist and people move job more often. The majority of line managers, nevertheless, generally, will want to see 3 years’ stints in potential candidates. If a ‘hiring manager’ has a three-year project to fulfill, someone who has never committed to that length of commitment, will not be considered as strong as a serial individual who has seen projects through to the death.

4. Explanation of current business

‘Sharpness’ is a key value to work in our business. Therefore, a short explanation of your current employer really helps us understand where you currently sit and where you can bring value in the future. Remember, the simpler the explanation the better.

5. Social Media Presence

Social Media, whether you like it or not, is part of the process, particularly through more professional networks like Linkedin.

Utilize it to your advantage and include information that does not fit into your CV but you want potential employers to know about you. Remember, it is important Linkedin matches your CV in terms of content and tone.

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This was written by Martin Collins, the Founder and MD at Red Executive.

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