The technology taking over the world

As a technology recruiter and self-proclaimed geek, the immediate and huge success of the recently released Pokemon Go has me thinking about the future of the technology industry in relation to recruiting. I have seen first hand how the ‘on trend technology’ of 2016, like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), has directly affected recruiting.

Implications on technology

Nintendo has really hit the ground running with their first AR game, Pokemon Go. AR puts imaginary elements, like Pikachu, into the real-world. People can’t seem to get enough of this alternate AR world. Within four days of Pokemon Go’s release, it already has more users than Twitter, whilst only being released in three regions (USA, New Zealand and Australia) and fraught with glitches. Its popularity leaves me wondering, is AR the future of gaming? Or is it just a flash in the pan?! Only time will tell.

Nintendo had a long rocky period, going from market leaders in the late 80’s and 90’s to pulling a Nokia. But for now, Nintendo’s inability to remain competitive is over. Nintendo are back and fighting for their place in the gaming industry.

In AR’s newly found popularity, the subsequent implications on technology will depend on its longevity. For instance, in my lifetime, I have seen the popularity of ‘3D’ products surge and drop on two different occasions. This happened years apart and still has not had the impact envisioned. Could we be seeing the same story with AR?

Implications on recruiting

AR technology is changing the demands and requirements of potential new hires. Clients are now more interested in candidates who have exposure to the ‘on trend technology.’ More frequently, clients, especially in the tech industry, are asking for product and platform experience in the areas of AR and VR. Therefore, its vital a potential a candidate continuously adapts their skills to the ever-changing ‘on trend technology.’ This makes the candidate attractive to companies and a ‘hot property.’

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Written by Julian Cassar, IT recruitment team lead at Red Executive

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