The importance of considering dynamic during recruitment

Every Business Leader and Hiring Manager of scaling businesses in the ‘Digital Technology’ space want to identify and engage with the finest talent available for a position. In order to best achieve this goal, the dynamic of the recruitment process must be considered.

Why is dynamic important?

Hiring for a scaling business is a process that needs thorough consideration, as your current team will have a bigger impact on the delivery of that project than the new hires in the short term.

Plus, there are financial and psychological implications on a team that does not have the necessary skills to deliver on said project. We can assume by NOT making that hire it has a negative effect on the ability of the business to reach their goals and ultimately, outperform their competition.

How to consider the dynamic

In today’s candidate driven market, there is a ‘war for talent.’ This means the ‘everyone should want to work for us’ view that businesses subscribe to no longer works. It negatively impacts our ability to hire the talent required. We as recruiters have to ‘sell’ your vision and ’employer brand’ and utilize this to get people on board.

Companies that expect people to ‘want’ to work for them, barring the likes of Google, will simply fail to hire positively.

Let me elaborate with an example.

You have one role and two candidates. The first candidate, we shall call him Jim, was Headhunted. Jim is happy and content in his current role but is keen to hear more. The second candidate, Jane, responded to a job ad and she is interviewing with 2 other local businesses.

The dynamic with Jim is that you, as a business, will have to work hard to help him understand your vision and the part he will play in the delivery of that vision.

With Jane, the ‘sell’ of your business will be less intense, but if things go well, you could end up in an auction. You have to ‘sell’ your business in order to ensure you get the Talent required to deliver your vision.

Dynamic and parameters

With this ‘dynamic driven’ approach in mind, it is vital that we understand the ‘pre-defined’ parameters of what we are willing to offer a potential candidate from the beginning to ensure a quick, efficient process and furthermore, that it works within the current company structures.

That way, we realize the parties are too far apart and we don’t panic buy and make hires that can have a negative impact on the team that is already in line with the vision and playing their part in delivery.

Therefore, dynamic is undoubtedly an important factor to consider in your recruitment process and it can impact your ability to make hires if it’s not considered thoroughly. In today’s ‘candidate driven’ market the ‘entire’ picture of Jim and Jane are vital to your strategy to get them on board.

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This was written by Martin Collins, the Founder and MD at Red Executive.

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